Frequency Simply Is (cont.) : Amazing Grace

We began the Dialog Sat. with the DVD of Il Divo’s live performance of Amazing Grace at the Roman Coliseum.  Awesome! Beautiful!  Highly recommend it!  Everything in it – from the venue to the bagpipes – set a mood for further exploring Vibration/Resonance/Frequency. And while we began the day with “the particlezing” of time waves, it was our discussion about Amazing Grace that touched my heart. Continue reading

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Frequency Simply Is: “and the Walls came tumblin’ down”

 The Dialogue on Sat. (September 7, 2013) was really impactful for me. Our topic?  “Frequency Simply Is.”  We are “efforting” getting it on Vimeo and I will send out the link when that is accomplished.  So, on Saturday, after definitions and constructs were laid out for VIBRATION/RESONANCE/FREQUENCY,  Peter suggested we add a “practical app’ for using V/R/F in our current times. His example?  He offered the situation in Syria.
At the time of the Dialogue, military strikes on Syrian chemical weapons seemed inevitable.  So, after Peter once again emphasized the importance of “Our Sound” – the  personal V/R/F – he asked if we knew the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.  Jan and Lillian began to sing the old song about how the Walls of the impenetrable Fortress  “came tumbling down.”  Everyone enjoyed the song and when a hush fell over the students, Peter began to explain the mechanics of the V/R/F circling, sounding, spinning the Walls.
Equipped with the inFORMation  — the how-to, so to speak,  Peter mentioned an application of what we had learned to the Syrian situation, especially applying our V/R/F to change the direction of “energy’s flow” from probable outcomes (mayhem) – to our selected outcomes (peaceful).  (As he always says, “…when 2 or more of you are gathered..” amazing things can occur. )  The Dialog ended with us making our sounds (with Steve leading the harmonics via didgeridoo)  The instruction was to continue sounding until…“you can feel it in your toes!” Wonderful!
WOW!  There’s not enough room in this note to list on how many levels of me this was effective!  I was still on “An All-Time High” this morning when I turned on the news.  While I was sleeping, the Syrians, it seems, accepted an offer to turn over control of their chemical weapons to an international group of inspectors!  (And I do know the devil is in the details!)  Now, call me “Skeptical,” but maybe, just maybe we can avoid the path to terrible destruction.  And for the part of me that wants to know more and certainly questions the influence of the Awakening Tribe’s study of and application of V/R/F, …….. Relax!  Notice!  Enjoy!  Settle in on the Playground of Myth, Metaphor and…Magic!  And most of all… MAKE YOUR SOUND!
Love ya,
Kay and Jan
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Pyramids: then and now – in several Parts:

Part 1:

From our early lessons with him (when we used Enquirer stories to find questions to ask), Peter told us to think “generator” when we examine Pyramids. Back in the 1970′s, generators were usually gas-powered and served when we lost electric power. So that was pretty much what I thought of Pyramids… until about 15-20 years ago.  It was around that time that I became aware of a deeper significance for Pyramids. They are really cool machines, but not with the limitations my earlier definition had put on them! Situated in locations of energy importance around the planet, often cast as “sacred” to put their stewardship under the custody of religions, these megalithic structures seem to be begging somebody to turn their switch – ON!- and free them to actualize their potential.  Enter the Awakening Tribe…  And the adventure began in earnest.

Students of the Peter, the 12 Many Friends, and all the other Teachers, have been responding to Spirit’s call for years now. We are being and have been taught the pivotal role “Vibration/Resonance/Frequencies”(V/R/F) play in both the creative process as well as the experience feedback. A critical piece for us was learning to make “our Sound” and why it is important. This is a way our limited perception of the Vibrational/Resonance/Frequencies (V/R/F) can be symbolized and heard. Having this marker is important as we began to operate in the energy fields of megalithic structures. The Teachings became pathways for each of us to “turn ON” ourselves and come to know that…”being, knowing, and becoming don’t need language, logic, or labor! In fact these sometimes distort the turn ON!”(from Peter, July 27, 2013)

Funny thing is… we don’t have to have a special credential. We don’t have to be following a particular philosophy. Spirit has only asked that we respond to the call of Spirit.  (For me, that has meant passing the idea or trip or tasking, through my V/R/F, noticing the 3 signs I’ve asked Spirit to give me, tally how strongly the field registers in Curiosity, Imagination, and Love, and… well… JUMP! – like Indiana Jones when he could see NO path across the abyss. Clarity comes when we jump!) So, Spirit has called and continues to call, and the Tribe -with great enthusiasm – jumps!

Part 2:

So, some 20 years ago, a group of explorer-seeker types (known as the Awakening Tribe) were dialoguing with Peter and the 12 Many Friends, learning about sounds/vibrations and how important they are, and agreeing to travel to various places to do what the Teachers called “Ceremony.” I’ve come to understand now that at every one of the places there is one or a group of pyramids (or mounds) – hidden, buried, and waiting for the powering-up and reconnecting to the Earth circuit board, i.e. the Grid. No matter what we were told the focus of our ceremony was to be, it is clear to me now, there was always a “turning on and reconnecting to the Grid” aspect for the megalithic structures in the area. And whenever the Teachers were asked, “Why us?” Their response was, “You are the ones who turned them, “OFF!” Protestations aside, we could all feel the truth of that. Truth did not, however, settle the confusion which spread among us like a thick London fog.

Clarity may be assisted if I interject this understanding of Peter’s Teaching of “There is always More, And Then Some!” It goes something like this…what we experience is but one of the infinite scenarios simultaneously created by us. We pick one or more of these to find expression in the Dimensional Reality System; superimpose Cause and Effect “laws” to limit Reality System expression;  and  totally “believe” it is REAL. However, other created scenarios are simultaneously playing the “music” of our DNA in the Multi-Mensional realms. If we are still choosing the Cause ‘n Effect blueprint to use in building our lives, we are LIMITING the life we can build! So, whenever I am sure I have found THE answer to my question, I always add…”and then some, there is always more!” So there is not ONE reason or explanation or “way” of doing and being. Everything and anything you can think of, is real and is affecting your life in some way. Now, let’s get back to the pyramids…

What if the Pyramids, Mounds, and Megalithic Structures are intimately involved with some kind of Time/Space collapse? Recent Dialogues have suggested this to be the case. Furthermore, such a collapse will put to rest the last vestiges of Cause and Effect in any real regenerative sense. Both macrocosmically and microcosmically the debris field from this “deconstructing of limitation” offers proof that we are turned – ON, that we are – FREE, that we are – ONE!

Wow! and just HOW do we do all that? I  feel comfortable with the idea that we (all of us) are in a human form now since we all have an intentional, purposeful focus to move into Multi-Mensional forms (fully awake/aware, and fully self-actualized) .  Think of it this way… the vibrational frequency (V/R/F) of the Space/Time fabric has come full circle (or Cycle as the Mayans might say).  The density of “us and all our stuff” is allowing the geometric grid (fabric) to touch a distant spot as it curves back in on itself. The resulting “wormhole” is the penultimate “time machine,” because no time, no space are involved. We simply choose, breathe, spin, vibrate and we are expressing in the new reality. (And, I bet you thought those ET, Aliens came vast distances and had really big “engines” in their spacecraft!). It seems clear to me that moving from one space or one time to another is not that different from my going from one room in my house to another. I can equip myself in whatever “bio-hazard suit” (Peter’s label for the human body) I choose, and through the ART of my existence, create full expression for the new reality system. (Note: Incidentally, this is congruent with Peter’s description of Death – but that’s a whole other article.)

So, the Awakening Tribe, in all or in part, while doing and being “who they are,” stepped into a different point on the space/time fabric and hit the OFF switch. For the past 20 years, they have been finding each other, visiting megalithic structures, celebrating the Earth, and hitting the ON switch!

Part 3:

Stay tuned for more details on the pyramids. For example, what has happened to the capstone in Dark Canyon, Utah? What does a fully operational pyramid “machine” look like? What is the contribution of the Stone Whisperers to an enhanced understanding of how, and why, the megalithic structures remain so significant?  And, is the play/work of the Awakening Tribe finished? (Here’s a hint…NO WAY!)

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