Update: Utah Pyramid Capstone on the move

For years, the Awakening Tribe has taken on the challenge and the privilege of finding, turning-on, and connecting the Pyramids of the Four Corners. There was one Pyramid (in Utah) whose Capstone was removed and hidden in Dark Canyon to protect and await the cycle of reconnecting. Here is the update… Continue reading

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Frequency Simply Is (cont.) : Amazing Grace

We began the Dialog Sat. with the DVD of Il Divo’s live performance of Amazing Grace at the Roman Coliseum.  Awesome! Beautiful!  Highly recommend it!  Everything in it – from the venue to the bagpipes – set a mood for further exploring Vibration/Resonance/Frequency. And while we began the day with “the particlezing” of time waves, it was our discussion about Amazing Grace that touched my heart. Continue reading

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Frequency Simply Is: “and the Walls came tumblin’ down”

 The Dialogue on Sat. (September 7, 2013) was really impactful for me. Our topic?  “Frequency Simply Is.”  We are “efforting” getting it on Vimeo and I will send out the link when that is accomplished.  So, on Saturday, after definitions and constructs were laid out for VIBRATION/RESONANCE/FREQUENCY,  Peter suggested we add a “practical app’ for using V/R/F in our current times. His example?  He offered the situation in Syria.
At the time of the Dialogue, military strikes on Syrian chemical weapons seemed inevitable.  So, after Peter once again emphasized the importance of “Our Sound” – the  personal V/R/F – he asked if we knew the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.  Jan and Lillian began to sing the old song about how the Walls of the impenetrable Fortress  “came tumbling down.”  Everyone enjoyed the song and when a hush fell over the students, Peter began to explain the mechanics of the V/R/F circling, sounding, spinning the Walls.
Equipped with the inFORMation  — the how-to, so to speak,  Peter mentioned an application of what we had learned to the Syrian situation, especially applying our V/R/F to change the direction of “energy’s flow” from probable outcomes (mayhem) – to our selected outcomes (peaceful).  (As he always says, “…when 2 or more of you are gathered..” amazing things can occur. )  The Dialog ended with us making our sounds (with Steve leading the harmonics via didgeridoo)  The instruction was to continue sounding until…“you can feel it in your toes!” Wonderful!
WOW!  There’s not enough room in this note to list on how many levels of me this was effective!  I was still on “An All-Time High” this morning when I turned on the news.  While I was sleeping, the Syrians, it seems, accepted an offer to turn over control of their chemical weapons to an international group of inspectors!  (And I do know the devil is in the details!)  Now, call me “Skeptical,” but maybe, just maybe we can avoid the path to terrible destruction.  And for the part of me that wants to know more and certainly questions the influence of the Awakening Tribe’s study of and application of V/R/F, …….. Relax!  Notice!  Enjoy!  Settle in on the Playground of Myth, Metaphor and…Magic!  And most of all… MAKE YOUR SOUND!
Love ya,
Kay and Jan
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