Update: Utah Pyramid Capstone on the move

For years, the Awakening Tribe has taken on the challenge and the privilege of finding, turning-on, and connecting the Pyramids of the Four Corners. There was one Pyramid (in Utah) whose Capstone was removed and hidden in Dark Canyon to protect and await the cycle of reconnecting. Here is the update…

Remember that separated Capstone in Dark Canyon, Utah? Remember the Teachers telling us that the body of the Pyramid (which we found miles away still in Utah) would be rejoined with its Capstone soon? If you are like me, you filed that away until such time as that definition of ”soon” hit the old radar. Well, that time is here and the last weekend in March, 2014, things started to actively happen.

On Friday, southern California’s Puente Hills thrust fault registered a 5.1 earthquake, centered in La Habra (includes Orange County and LA). By Sunday, some 100 aftershocks had been recorded. Also on Sunday, a little after 6:30 am, a 4.8 quake was recorded some 4 miles from the Norris Geyser Basin (Yellowstone National Park). This quake was reported by University of Utah Seismograph Stations.

According to the Teachers, it is important that we especially Notice these two events. While both these locations are seismically active, it is the close proximity that we are to “Notice.”

Then there came the mega-shakes in Chile. These events occurred along the Chilean subduction zone which runs north along the coastline, continuing north along the Coco’s fault, and the US west coast, eventually joining the Cascadia subduction zone.

Thank you, Awakening Tribe! We set up the Pyramid/Mound Grid…now we watch and Notice an amazing unfolding!  Are you ready for some “Ceremonial Appreciating?” Totally!!

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