Frequency Simply Is (cont.) : Amazing Grace

We began the Dialog Sat. with the DVD of Il Divo’s live performance of Amazing Grace at the Roman Coliseum.  Awesome! Beautiful!  Highly recommend it!  Everything in it – from the venue to the bagpipes – set a mood for further exploring Vibration/Resonance/Frequency. And while we began the day with “the particlezing” of time waves, it was our discussion about Amazing Grace that touched my heart.

That the song, Amazing Grace, was the focus, is no coincidence.  That song resonates with me on such deep levels.  I remember a time years ago, some members 0f the Tribe went to Alaska for ceremony as requested by the 12 Many Friends.  I traveled up before the group to spend time with our daughter, Kelly (who was stationed there in the USAF), and to try to make sense of my uncertainties about it all. Upon leaving the airport in Anchorage, I asked the 12 Many Friends for a sign that I hadn’t misread what we were to do. And, as Peter says, “What you seek, you will find…even if it has to knock you on the side of the head!”( and I’m paraphrasing)  As luck would have it, Kelly and her friends had arranged to attend the Highland Games that Sat., and I accepted the invite to join them.  (That I did, is serving me well today as I’m doing Ancestor exploration and my heritage is Scottish!  Again, no coincidence.)

When we arrived at the field, Kelly and her friends climbed up to the top of the bleachers for the opening ceremonies. I, considering myself more practical, sat midway down and one step up…by myself…(lots of bleacher climbers in Alaska!)  Soon, the announcement came that the games were beginning.  Marching onto the field came the Clans in their colorful kilts with bagpipes – about 40 in each Clan and about 20 Clans. There was no way I could miss it since they marched right up to stand in front of me and all began to play…Amazing Grace! WOW! That “sign” giver really outdid herself with this one! As I always do when it’s played, I began to tear-up.  Looking skyward, tears streaming down my face, I thanked the 12 Many Friends for a perfectly, wonderfully warm, Spirit-Confirming welcome and the most awesome SIGN ever!   I made a note to Self:  It’s OK to ask for signs, but never again will I have to do it from “doubt.”

Amazing Grace.  How sweet the sound” or so the song begins. The lyrics seemed conflicting for some of us in our attempts to align them with what we’ve come to know now.  So it was nice when Peter gave us a different take on what the words are saying.  The old Christian interpretation can use a shift in perspective perhaps. Here are some of the “new” ideas being sung in the “old” song.

  • The Frequency (“sweet sound”)) of Grace flows from heart-to-heart as Love – pure and unconditional! Our challenge is to awaken – become aware – of that.
  • We may spend “time” in fear, suffering, and uncertainty (We cannot do it wrong).  Still we have an amazing “Spiritual Global Positioning System” in Grace to assist us in finding our way, our truth.
  • We may get lost in limiting beliefs, and outdated definitions of Self, and not be sure “who we are.” Yet Grace (unconditional Love) never leaves us!  Is always there to assist us in coming to know “who we are” and on what path we are journeying.

and the last verse…my favorite…

When we’ve been here ten thousand years…
Bright shinning as the Sun.
We’ve no less days to SING LOVE’S PRAISE
Then when we’ve  first begun!

It matters not in how many life forms I manifest. It matters not over how much “time” I appear in this Universe/”mensionality”. The one constant on which I can always rely is the Frequency of LOVE without condition!  That last verse never fails to leave me with sobs of Joy, Peace, Freedom, and Feeling -Flows coming from having delivered all the stuff on every child’s Christmas list!

The richness of Sat. was still spinning in Jan and me yesterday when he suggested we watch “Cloud Atlas” the movie.  WOW! That experience added to the weekend enormously. (There really are no coincidences!)  Alas, that story is best saved for another day.

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