What Happened April 11 (4-1-1)?

For all these 40+ years, Spirit teachers have only on the rarest of occasions couched their message on specific dates/times, so you can see why it got my attention when the date “April 11″ kept coming into my awareness earlier this year! Requests of the Awakening Tribe for any information they may have brought in ideas, data, and suggestions, and I thank you for that.  What follows is my experience that day, and my assessment of it so far. (There is more to integrate, I’m sure.)

The event that stands out from that day involved our land line phone. I was talking to a friend when, at 11 AM, the phone began to beep. It was measured and rhythmic and did not stop until I “answered it.” What came into my mind was the phrase, “dead air” and then the beeping began anew. The conversation with my friend finished up on cell phones, but the land line continued to communicate.  The phone would ring, I would answer. There would be the dead air briefly and then the rhythmic beeping until I hung up the receiver. After a few minutes of this, I called to Jan to unplug the land line. Finally, it was silent. It was at this point I realized my e-mail in-box was full of land line voice mail messages! Each one had recorded a few seconds of the “dead air.”

The only time since April 4, this cycle of ring, dead air, beeping, voice mail messaging has repeated was yesterday, April 16. I was sharing the experience with Maha, a friend who had given me the Hebrew numerology in March, when, just as before, the land line began the cycle… the time was 10:26 AM. Originally, the geometry of 4-1-1 was described by her as:

  • ·Tohu (English TEW) as in Tohu Bohu–the ultimate chaos and darkness that precedes the creation of time/mind.
  • ·HaTav (English ETW) for “the mark.”
  • ·BeEchad (English BAHD) for “In the One.”

In which the first, Tohu Bohu, is the “dead air” symbol; the second, HaTav, is the written e-mails; and the third, BeEchad, is what the Teachers call the symbol of the “fractile massing” for completing the whole! …And, yes, I am still learning about all this. Thank you all for your inputs, ideas, thoughts.  I am not ready to draw conclusions, but I feel something very important has been set in motion and is inevitably continuing. May we all keep our Noticing, Focusing, and Loving Hearts on full throttle!


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