Pyramids, Stone Whisperers, and Florida Gathering

Pyramids and other megalithic structures are central to the messages Peter has been sharing with us for many years now. So it was not out of character to find our Gathering of the Ways in Oct., 2012, challenged by the tasking to explore the Coral Castle in Florida and the three Pyramids just off the Florida coast. Let’s first look at the three Pyramids (configured, sized, and positioned to match the appearance of stars on the Belt of Orion).

According to Peter, pyramids are best thought of as “generators.” They are placed across the Earth in patterns or configured as an “energy grid.” However,  their amazing operation is reflected in and functions in the heavens!  The Earth configuration of the Mounds and Pyramids we have recently “turned on,” are mirrored on the Belt of Orion.   An amazing thing about this Earth grid is that it has been intentionally closed down, hidden, buried for as long as it has taken humankind to fall asleep and forget about this unlimited power source…awaiting the return of those whose task it is to wake up, reveal, and reconnect the generators and the grid both on the Earth and in the Heavens.  And while the awakening of humankind is the part of the process we humans find interesting, it is the expansion of the Solar System  (indeed the Cosmos) that marks our destiny as Stewards of the unlimited, unconditional Universal energy … sometimes referred to as LOVE.  “As above, so below.”

Our Sun has a sister Star which is clearly known to us as we step into our role as Stewards.  (Perhaps this Blue Star in the Hopi prophecy is dancing with us at the resonate frequency we have been perfecting in our experiences for some time now.)  That heavenly music we are all equipped to produce is waiting for us to feel it, to hear it, to see it, to do it, to be it …DNA holds the music and is ours for the embracing! Imagine it…a whole Universe resonating together!

The Pyramids and other megalithic pieces also hold the inFORMation of our heritage/destiny.  The Stone Whisperers (I think of them as the very Wise Elders) put the stories of our various points-of-reference  (time lines) into the massive solid stones.  They invite us to move into the language of Being…without limitations of Doing. We were told to begin to focus on the communication that uses no words and is accomplished when we KNOW that “I am you and you are me…and there is really only ONE of us.”  How refreshing to experience tolerance of and love for ourselves!

The experience of the Florida Gathering is still unfolding.  It was very apparent to all of us that we were each there to gather our particular piece or pieces of the puzzle and to  deeply appreciate each perspective as the “picture” began to fill out.  Hopefully, various posts of the individual experiences will be published here as they manifest.

All in all, this journey, this Gathering of the Ways, is still continuing. The Awakening Tribe, it seems, is now fully engaged in the unfolding of the new WAYS. How exquisitely the massive Stones have held the messages!  Imprints of stories – musical notes – frequencies awaiting Resonance’s guidance – all  hidden in plain sight!  Something tells me we are just beginning…



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