Oct. 11-14, 2012, Coral Castle, Key Largo Trip

We will be Gathering the Ways in Oct., exploring the Coral Castle (Homestead, Florida) and 3 megalithic (pyramid) structures off the coast of Florida (Key Largo). It turns out, this adventure may be the icing on the proverbial metaphysical cake!  Read on…

The noteworthy link these Florida structures have is their inclusion in the group of megalithic forms found around the planet. Why were they built? Who built them? How were they built? Here is what we are learning from Peter and the 12:

  • They were built to put into dimensionality important inFORMation for beings not yet skilled in telepathy.  Skillful communication from mind-to-mind (using “feeling flows”), was the way of life for those advanced civilizations you think of as past.
  • They were built to facilitate the emergence of this “new” way of communicating by imbedding in the “megalithic stones,” messages or codes for unlocking this skill.
  • They were built by YOU or iterations of YOU and intended to remain hidden until YOU return and open the vaults of time to make available to those who are awakening the messages they hold.
  • They were built to override the limited sensory perceptors that have for perhaps all your life constructed your beliefs and systems of beliefs that no longer seem to apply.  (Remember “the diminishing impact of Cause and Effect” so frequently referenced by Peter).
  • They were built by breathing the inFORMation into the stones.  Therefore not needing glyphs or word symbols or alphabets.  The messages were breathed into the stones by those they called the Stone Whisperers.  We will be working with these ancient ones in Florida.

To expand this across time and look at a few megalithic stone forms, let’s stop first in Peru, at the fortress known as  Sacsayhuaman.  Whatever else you may notice when you look at them, these huge stone formations are amazingly placed…a feat not to be duplicated today. The Spanish fortunately used the masterful stone work of the Incas and  built their cathedrals on top of the ancient foundations. Those foundation stones hold messages of the Stone Whisperers.

Then there is the Sphinx in Egypt.  Reported by some like Edgar Cayce to hold a Hall of Records in an underground chamber (said records having not been found even though an “empty” chamber has).  What if the search for these records has overlooked the obvious? What if they are in the Stones forming the chamber? (Reports that the under chambers are empty may be misleading.) The Stone Whisperers were at work again?

And, of course, the most obvious example of “hiding in plain sight,” is the Great Pyramid itself!  Maybe the edifice with all it’s empty chambers holds the wealth of inFORMation in the Stones used to put it together!

We have been collecting a “Book of Stones” for many years.  The Pyramids of the 4 Corners in the USA provided an important foundation for the Book.  This Gathering in Florida turns out to be a very important chapter!

If you would like to join us, we will be staying at the Pelican (www.hungrypelican.com)and there are rooms still available. Be sure to tell the reservation desk you are with “DARLENE’S Group” to get the discounted rate. If not in person, join us in Spirit!  It’ll be quite a ride!

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