August, 2012, news and up-dates:

Hi All,
*****There are videos up on Vimeo of our recent sessions and if you follow the link, you will find a menu from which to select. Enjoy!
*****Jan and I have been meeting with Peter in what we call “Thursdays with Peter.” Because they are about an hour’s worth of information – not for the beginner or the student just curious about the Dialogs, we have put a security code on them. If you have studied with Peter and would like to have access to these videos, just drop me a line and I’ll send the code to you.
*****This Sat., August 4, at 1 PM, we will be meeting for our Dialog. These usually center around your questions or choice of topics and if you will be in the Austin, TX area, you are welcome to join us in person… and, as always, you may join us in Spirit!
We also have a Skype group of friends who cannot make it to our house, but want to experience in real-time. If you are interested in joining us by Skype, message me on Skype (k5ikmeru) and I will add your Skype moniker to the group we call.
*****The Peter Dialogs web page has experienced an interesting loss of files and is in the process of being resurrected (a fascinating process if I do say so myself!) If you or anyone you know had subscribed to the site, please re-enter your particulars on the web page to make sure you will receive e-mails from us.
*****We are planning a ceremonial trip to the Coral Castle in Florida for October 11-14. The teachers want to assist us in “translating” the informational frequencies used by our Brothers and Sisters who worked with the planetary Stone Structures. In addition to the Stone work above sea level, we will be exploring the Stone Of Atlantis found off shore from our motel in Key Largo. We are being asked to bring our favorite crystal for that ceremony. Maybe it’s time to “TURN ON – TUNE IN” the crystals supporting the Feeling Flows of Earth Mother.
*****And, finally, get a copy of Eric herm’s new book, Surviving Ourselves: The Evolution of Community, Education, and Agriculture in the 21st Century.
Our work/play of creating Community has in many ways just begun!
Love ya,
Kay and Jan
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