We began the dialog last time with the question: “Why F#?” What is it about that musical note that one finds in so many contexts, Myths, Metaphors and Magic? Why not C# or G? What gives rise to the universality of some things? Of course, if we continue to put answers in a ‘Cause and Effect’ frame, one could answer that given a certain rate of vibration or frequency, certain mass influences occur or certain resonatings occur that produce the universality…the commonality. And, of course, if you want to play with ‘Cause and Effect,’ beliefs, etc., you may do so. However, you may find even more intriguing the notion that these created symbols and events are actually more akin to the following:

Suppose there is a room full of rocking chairs. All the chairs are rocking. Some chairs are big and some are small. Some move very fast. Some rock slowly. The room is also full of long-tailed cats. Some of the cats are moving around. Some are feeding. Some are sleeping. We could say this is a situation full of promise, uncertainty, and opportunity….much like… LIFE. Whatever happens in the room — whatever stories unfold — there is a Universal Noticing when the Energy of a Chair and the Energy of a Cat intersect! Now, consider this Noticing to be the “Stargate” or “Portal” or connecting point for this Room and all Rooms, and for this Room and all Cats. When a Stargate is activated, the way is cleared for “perceiving” outside the metaphor…although inside the Room! Imagine the nature of the Noticing if All Chairs and All Cats in All Rooms intersect simultaneously!

As you become more aware — more multi-mensional, the potential for Noticing (Opening Star gates) an infinite number of intersections expands the picture a bit, does it not? (Look at what your expanded mass media has done for cognitive awareness.) Mass Symbols are, therefore, the building blocks for the creation of Myths Metaphors and Magic of Mass Experience/Perception. Archetypes are vast reservoirs of possibility through which the Call To Notice arises. Mass Events, then, form the clay in which you mold your Becoming.


To briefly sum up, you have the projection of the hologram, using the Crystalline Fractal located in the Pineal Gland. You have the feedback from that projection coming through and amongst the Endocrine System. You have the limbic system in the brain which showers or feeds that ‘in-FORM-ation’ back into the Crystalline Fractal which then makes adjustments and so on, as it continues in its projection. While we separated this out into step-by-step, you understand it is simultaneous and instant and does not flow in a time frame per se.

…So, we were giving a brief summary of this process of the form of you and its role in the creation or generation of your reality system and your perception of that reality system, etc. Now, in your projection, you include all possibilities, for you are basically infinitely endowed. Do you see? Your perception is channeled however, into and through a more discriminating set of particulars. In other words, your preceptors are geared to focus more intently and more narrowly on probabilities rather than encompass the entire field of possibilities. This works fine unless or until you, in your Ego-Identity and seemingly unending knowledge, decide that what you are perceiving is, in fact, true and real and All there is. Then, when this occurs, you have placed a barricade between yourself and the infinite possibility.

These projections of reality, these perceptions of reality, these structures of Metaphors, Myths and Magic that you expand across time and space to give you pasts, presents and futures; these then, are connecting points for all of YOU and All That Is. The flow or the exchange of feedback information or energy, if you will, is easily accommodated at these connector points. They do not have prerequisites and requirements such as your mind may have requirements before it will entertain an idea; or before it will draw a conclusion, it must have certain evidence and so on. These requirements are not present for these ‘connecting points.’ These connecting points or Stargates, we have said, are good ways to begin to think of these mass symbols. These symbols are intersections, the point of intersection of your NOTICING. It is not that you are an uninvolved watcher. You are noticing an intersection, a connecting point. That noticing does not necessarily lead you to have certain beliefs about it, nor does it lead you to draw certain conclusions about it or any of these things. As a matter of fact, you may not have any understanding of it, but your awareness of it is awakened!

Now, the role of the archetypes in your myths and mythologies is to give you indicators as you go along in time and space that noticing may be appropriate…particular noticing. When we say noticing, noticing is not requiring an action. Noticing is entering a state of being. It is not connected with time and space per se, nor with any particular metaphor or myth. It rather is a generalized acknowledgment of an intersection, an intersecting point, a connector where the energy of ALL and the energy of YOU is recognized, anticipated perhaps, experienced directly and so on.

It is not so much the event or the facts surrounding the event. It is not the date and the time. It is not numbers or percentages, etc. These are things Mind gets interested in. Mind plays with these things and that is fine. It is a good thing for Mind to have something to occupy itself. It is the surrounding atmosphere of the event, however, that involves deciphering, like a code. In its deciphering, you come upon the graph, the matrix where the connecting points are, and as soon as you become aware of them the Stargates open and you are, dare we say it, BLESSED!


On a global basis, on a personal level, community level, religious level (all of these), psychological level, emotional level, all of these things are impacted and affected by these mass events and they are affected and impacted to the extent that you are AWARE. As you become more aware; for instance, the connecting points, the symbols and that these are wonderful opportunities for the expansion of your feedback loop, as your awareness moves to that then a whole different sphere of possibilities open to you.

The importance of mass events is certainly there. Now, it is possible, of course, to always evaluate these things in terms of ‘Cause and Effect.’ For example, when we posed the question last time, why F sharp, why not C or G? You can, of course, begin by evaluating F sharp. What kind of frequency does that sound produce? What kind of wave is generated when it is played or hummed? And from the answer to that question, you can decide that, therefore, things with that sound wave, moving at that frequency and so on, have a universal or universality about them that you want to identify. You proceed to go through and select all things that have that vibration, that frequency or that particular wave, putting the process into ‘Cause and Effect’…

It is not because of a certain wave or frequency that F sharp is significant. It is significant in that it is a connecting point; and intersecting point where energies of you open to Is-ness itself, you see. It is an opening for you. These mass symbols, and these star gates (these connecting points) are very related to CHAKRAS on your form. As a matter of fact, if you adopt the philosophy or entertain the possibility that your CHAKRAS points are moving and mobile, then you can align them exactly, for you are not a static being, nor are you limited dimensionally.


…There are many ways to set the stage for noticing and this preparation for noticing is, in itself, a part of the process of noticing. You can see this in that it is a coming together of your Self. You can summon, you can do a summoning in which you summon all your Parts and Reincarnationals and Aspects, including your Selves. You are preparing for noticing.

…You are aware of this setting the stage to notice. Noticing then, is not so much something that happens, as it is the state you move into from this preamble. For example, you may be in a meditation; you may finish your meditation and your thought may be, “nothing happened…how odd, nothing happened!” It isn’t about happening or doing, necessarily. If you are having expectations about this noticing process, remember to fulfill those expectations when you set the stage for noticing. Sometimes it is referred to as figuring out a way that you will know you have noticed…how will you know you have noticed…and so on.

Next, there is the process of noticing. Noticing is, for those enlightened and aware Beings, every breath, every breath! There is not an instant in which they are not noticing. It is a natural state of being and it can be so for you, if you wish. Now, does that mean they see everything, they know everything…not necessarily. It is not about knowledge gaining, nor about experience deciphering. These sorts of things represent, perhaps, things you might like to do or have, but they are not the noticing.

So, one way to begin the process of noticing is to find something about you that you can focus on easily. May we suggest your breath? It is always with you, hopefully. It is always functioning, hopefully, and it requires no extra effort, no special equipment in order to pay attention to it. When you start each day, or when you start each experience sequence, or when you start each adventure, or each story, or however you want to divide it up, you are setting the stage to notice. You set the intention that you are interested in becoming aware and in noticing. You are setting that intention. Then, when you take the first breath, you set in motion about yourself these connecting points to open. It is like the combination of the lock on the safe when you begin the breathing pattern, the locks spring open and the star gates are there for you.

It is not strange that Ego-Identity would call this noticing, simply observing. When you begin the process and open up the star gates, more than Ego-Identity’s feedback is taken into you and become part of the process of projecting and receiving. The giving and the receiving of this energy loop that you create then, has a floating vortex, if you could imagine it this way. (We are being dimensional in our description. Please do not assume this is the correct way. It is merely for illustration.) From the Crystalline Fractal, you have energy, you have the Endocrine System, and you have the ‘returning point.’ It also flows this way. The Crystalline Fractal also projects the form of all of the things in the ‘holographic representation.’

You are establishing cycles within cycles, are you not? These are flowing and generating what you call REALITY. In that ‘generating of reality,’ the cycles produce vortex or vortices that can FLOAT. For example, if your circle is like this, (Peter makes a circle with his hand), you may say the vortex is somewhere here in the middle. You would begin to think of it as dimensional instead of two-dimensional, begin to expand it and allow the flow, the free floating of it as if it were a wobbly bubble at times. So, the vortextural center is as fluid as your imagination can allow it to be.

This moving center point of vortex of the cycle of projection then becomes a holder; so to speak, of the nature of the cycle you are projecting. It is in that vortex that you tend of accumulate these archetypes, the stories, the Metaphors, the Myths and the Magic of your experience. You interpret. You perceive. You project. You receive. You interpret. You perceive, etc. As these are triggered, you have a call to NOTICE. This sometimes is done even without your mind being involved at all. Your body is keenly aware of noticing. Your form is intimately associated with noticing. It does not function without noticing. The flowing through the Endocrine System, the functioning of your body, is related directly to noticing, whether your mind is paying any attention to it or not. The holder of the ‘NOW’ is the cycle of the body from this particular projectile.

Now, once the noticing is accepted by the Mind, the Mind becomes a participant in this process. Mind pays attention to the breathing, notices the intake of breath and recognizes that this is setting in motion the noticing process. Now, you have quadrupled or geometrically expanded your ability to perceive, to notice. Mind is involved now. All the sensory preceptors are involved now. Thought, imagination, idea generation, these are all involved now, in addition to body with its creative and perceptive feedback loop. This expanded notion of you, then, is phenomenally successful in finding and connecting these intersecting points. The star gates are opening easily in such an environment… You are immersed in this open channel with All That Is. The nature of your feedback loop is not dependent upon the subtleties of a dimensional system for its definition of ‘self.’ You are then privy to defining yourself as All That Is. Do you see? Pretty cool stuff, eh Harris? (Refers to Jan.)

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