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Frequency Simply Is (cont.) : Amazing Grace

We began the Dialog Sat. with the DVD of Il Divo’s live performance of Amazing Grace at the Roman Coliseum.  Awesome! Beautiful!  Highly recommend it!  Everything in it – from the venue to the bagpipes – set a mood for … Continue reading

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Frequency Simply Is: “and the Walls came tumblin’ down”

 The Dialogue on Sat. (September 7, 2013) was really impactful for me. Our topic?  “Frequency Simply Is.”  We are “efforting” getting it on Vimeo and I will send out the link when that is accomplished.  So, on Saturday, after definitions and constructs … Continue reading

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Pyramids: then and now – in several Parts:

Part 1: From our early lessons with him (when we used Enquirer stories to find questions to ask), Peter told us to think “generator” when we examine Pyramids. Back in the 1970′s, generators were usually gas-powered and served when we … Continue reading

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